Using Python in the field calculator, you could try the following expression: 1 if !myField! > 0.0 else 0 Or if you want it based on the polygon area, try: 1 if !shape.area! > 0.0 else 0 Since booleans are automatically cast to integers (1 or 0), you can do the same thing more simply as: !myField! > 0 or !shape.area! > 0 If there is a ...


In my experience, you MUST include the [OID] or [FID] or [OBJECTID] or whatever your table-type considers to be a {row_id} in your field list when using Insert Cursors (and Update Cursors). If this is contrary to any documentation you have read I apologize! You may be asking " ... but why, the system generates the row_id automatically?" True, but the ...


This is unrelated to you using ModelBuilder. As per the Help page on Warning: Event layer not editable: Event layers that are based on tables without ObjectID fields cannot be edited in ArcGIS. Solution: Export the event layer to a new feature class or use an editable table for the data source of the event layer.


Use the 'Merge' tool. Combines multiple input datasets into a single, new output dataset. This tool can combine point, line, or polygon feature classes or tables. The Merge tool is under 'Data Management' -> 'General' -> 'Merge'


As commented by @Hornbydd: You can set the environment setting output workspace at the model level and any tools that honour that setting will pick it up unless you have overridden it at the tool level.

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