Assuming you have all your features in the same folder or GDB you can try the following: import arcpy arcpy.env.workspace = r'path\to\your\folder' feature_classes = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() clip_feature = r'path\to\clip_feature' # this would have to be on a different folder for fc in feature_classes: arcpy.Clip_analysis(fc, clip_feature, 'clip_{}'....


Sounds like the output of the Table To Excel tool is set to Intermediate. Edit your model and right click on the green output bubble and verify it is not set to Intermediate. If it is, then un-tick it as ModelBuilder will delete it at the end of the model run, which would be the expected behaviour as it is set as Intermediate.


Open Catalog, expand "Home - Documents\ArcGIS", then expand "Toolbox.tbx", models you made will be listed there. Right-click the model (tool) you made and choose "Edit", do not choose "Open", now your model will be in ModelBuilder that you can make changes and save.

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