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Lon and Lat flipped when converting MODIS to Lat Lon

The snippet of code that did the reprojection in the one that didn't work was: ## Convert to lat-lon sinu = pyproj.Proj("+proj=sinu +R=6371007.181 +nadgrids=@null +wktext") wgs84 = pyproj....
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GCI and NDVI Uncorrelated in Same Region and Time Period

For starters, you should try to learn how to use create function to reduce duplication in your scripts. You'd cut your 900 line of code GCI script down to 100 with that. It makes life a lot easier! ...
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Different MIN values from same year's yearly mean composites: one composite from all images and another from monthly composites

The mean of seasonal means is only equivalent to a yearly mean if all the seasons have exactly the same number of images in them. Otherwise, you're weighting some of the seasons more than others. For ...

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