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This effect is very likely due to surface bidirectional effect, which generally causes high reflection at large view angle. You can use a brdf model to correct it such as Walthall model.


I want to post the solution I found for this, using just math logics. If someone has a better suggestion please post it. // Sum all the pixels, in this case this collection only has pixel values equal // to 2 and 0 var sumCollection = collectionNew.sum(); // So, I'm interested on keeping only the pixels of class 2 that are present at // least three times in ...


There are two options you can use to accelerate the process of adding raster images to the input rasters list to mosaic: Select the first raster in the input raster of mosaic tool to add to it the raster list, then keep pressing the downwards arrow button ↓ on your keyboard to add the rest of rasters until the end. Use the browse button to navigate to the ...

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