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Ogr2ogr cannot be used for updating an existing layer. It is better not to try any tricks but simply convert GeoJSON data into a new file and after that delete the original file and rename the result file. Because GeoJSON is a text based format it must be re-written in any case so trying to do something more clever with updates in-place does not make sense, ...


within PostGIS: CREATE TABLE <multipolygon_layer> AS SELECT <id>, ..., ST_CurveToLine(<geom>) AS <geom> FROM <multisurface_layer> ; using ogr2ogr (GDAL > 3.0.5): ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL <pg_conn> -nln <multipolygon_layer_name> -nlt CONVERT_TO_LINEAR -nlt PROMOTE_TO_MULTI <source> or, ...


You should remove the spaces from the line: attributes=name,type,aeroway,amenity,admin_level,barrier,boundary,building,craft,geological,historic,land_area,landuse,leisure,man_made,military,natural,office,place,shop,sport,tourism,industrial,addr:city,addr:state,addr:street,addr:postcode,addr:housenumber,addr:unit, height, building:levels

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