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Decoding Mapbox Vector Tiles?

I had a similar problem, and wanted to accomplish this in pure Python and avoid using ogr2ogr as an intermediate step. I adapted @Mark Egge's answer while clarifying the data type question raised by @...
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GDAL convertformat not working on OSM data in QGIS 3.34.5

The error seems to be somehow related to the relatively new "Column-oriented read API for vector layers" The ArrowArray ...
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Invalid GIS data provided when importing .gdb file into MySQL using ogr2ogr

In case anyone stumbles upon this in the future, I was able to solve my issue by adding -nlt GEOMETRYCOLLECTION to the ogr2ogr command. ogr2ogr -f MySQL -t_srs EPSG:4326 MySQL:test,user=user,password=...
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Invalid GIS data provided when importing .gdb file into MySQL using ogr2ogr

I don't know if this would work, I don't have MySQL set up so can't test, but you could try casting to a geometry collection with some sql in ogr2ogr, e.g. something like: ogr2ogr -dialect sqlite -sql ...
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Geometry extraction from osm.pbf file using relation id with ogr2ogr

The accepted answer works. If one prefers ogr2ogr over jq, they can do: curl "" -o borders.geojsonseq \ && ...
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How to tell ogr2ogr/GDAL not to correct any geometry?

Setting the OGR_ORGANIZE_POLYGONS configuration option to SKIP will avoid GDAL doing this interpretation. However, if the ring ordering is not correct, the only thing gdal can do without any ...
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