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The ArcGIS 10.1 Help indicates you cannot edit the attributes of Excel or MS Access files, added through an Ole DB connection, because they have no ObjectID field. You can Copy the data to a fGDB table and then edit it. Or you can script Python to edit the native MS formats.


Can you use arcpy 10.1 yet? OLEDB connections are created as .sde files at 10.1 using a new function: arcpy.CreateDatabaseCOnnection_management("C:\\MyDirectory", "test.sde", "SQL_SERVER", "servername", "DATABASE_AUTH", "MyUserId", "MyPassword", "...


I don't think the ability to create ArcGIS OLE DB connection files is exposed in arcpy. You'll need to either create the .odc files beforehand, use ArcObjects in Python to create them, use ODBC, e.g. through pyodbc, or use one of these other APIs, to get at the data you need.


Well, just as a conceptual framework, what I picture helping you solve this challenge is roughly as follows. First, in the MS Access Database you would need to use Macros, calculated fields, or some other method to ensure there is an automatically populated "last updated" type field for relevant tables, so any time a new record is inserted or an existing ...


After some experimentation I was able to uncover the problem. When I originally created the table and setup the OLE connection the problem field was formatted as long text. I had changed the format to short text in access when I realized that it was the wrong format. However, the change didn't register on the OLE Connection so it was still treating it as ...


You can limit the "Maximum number of characters" in the Field-Options-Dialogue (Validation) in Filemaker. Limit the number to your needs.


As commented by @Vince the solution seems to be to not use the workaround that you are having a problem with because: ... file geodatabases scale to tens of millions of rows, and I've used hundreds of millions of rows in enterprise geodatabases with ArcGIS, so I'm pretty sure it's not ArcGIS that's the problem, and your solution is probably a step ...


I have gone this route in the past. Honestly, unless there is an OLEDB-specific reason you need (like it needs to be able to be accessible from Excel), I would stay clear from it. Instead, use the PluginWorkspace pipeline to add read&write datasets to ArcGIS. I have a full-blown working one at my GitHub written in C# which adds full GDAL/OGR support. ...


This is kind of a late response. Have you tried to create the .odc connection in ArcCatalog then then copy the connection over to a "standard" location on the network and call that connection using Python? For example, we have a standard location on the network specifically intended for database connections. This includes .sde and .odc connections. We make ...

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