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Download every nth node overpass turbo

Unfortunately, this is currently not supported by Overpass API. You can try to create a feature request on https://github.com/drolbr/Overpass-API
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Overpass Turbo query for all ocean entities

As @winnewoerp stated: "the oceans/larger seas do not exist as relations in OSM but are rendered based on natural=coastline rings", you have to make use of the coastline nwr["natural&...
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Simple OSM Raw Query Filter

You haven't specified how do you launch the query, from the QuickOSM UI or from Processing? Are you in Processing model? You can : Remove your two lines asking for points in your query. But you might ...
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City Suburbs Polygon using OSMNX

Got it! The edits worked. Changed and added tags in Open Street Maps: type: multipolygon, area: yes, boundary: administrative. With those edits the query managed to succeed. I had to wait a while for ...
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Retrieve data about a place given its name and bbox

Let your query be more specific about the features you want it to return. For example, you can add ["place"="city"] in order to return only cities. This won't work if you want to ...
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ogr2ogr skipping rows when converting from osm.pbf to gpkg

The way that you used as an example is this https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/404851503 It is a closed way that consists of 109 points. It acts in an "outer" role in a relation "Golden ...
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