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Overpy processed results into GeoJSON

Try this query to filter only buildings and output a geojson. [out:json]; area[name="Ouro Preto"]->.b; rel(area.b)[name="Ouro Preto"]; map_to_area -> .a; way["building&...
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Bus lines/routes from OpenStreetMap using OSMnx

You can use overpass turbo as workaround an download the geojson: For all buslines [out:json][timeout:25]; // gather results nwr["network"="Haaglanden ...
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Create a Map Tile Server in Windows

If you absolutely need raster map tiles in a format such as{z}/{x}/{y}.png then the "least amount of work" answer is probably either: Using WSL and in there ...
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Getting water depth data in QGIS

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for bathymetric data, that is, the topography of the seabed. As a general remark, bathymetric data is taken using echo-sounders. As echo-...
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How to extract also a zip code with Overpass turbo?

There is no much municipalities with postal code in your area of interest: name postal_code 40663 Meta 80062 40730 Pompei 80045 40876 Casavatore 80020 My ...
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