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Download multiple OSM data key and value pairs via Graphical Modeler in QGIS

Use semicolon ; to delimit the different values, which are enclose in single quotes '. Don't repeat the key if it is the same for all values. Then try using either With the default Value setting and ...
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Query to find all buildings in an area using PostGIS on OSM database

I needed to project the geographic (4326) coordinates with ST_Transform to get them into Web Mercator (3857). I also had just copied and pasted the coordinates of my points but didn't check the lat/...
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Adding polygon geometry to numpy array to plot it with background

It's a bit hard to give a clear solution because the code you provided isn't really runnable and it isn't really clear (to me) what exact result you want to get. Nonetheless I tried to write a minimal ...
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Geometry extraction from osm.pbf file using relation id with ogr2ogr

The relation is outside the cropped area from Geofabrik extract e.g right map at That's why you do not get it. Two alternatives approaches using jq, ...
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Convert OSM XML file to GeoJSON yields nothing

You need to add /full to the API URL like: and copy that XML. Gives: { "type": "FeatureCollection", "...
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How to find objects by a couple of tags and names in a small area specifying the coordinate only once?

The following request worked for me: nwr(around:50000,31.962985, 35.915135)->.searchArea; ( nwr[building=industrial][name~"Chemi|chemi"](area.searchArea); nwr[industrial][name~"...
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QGIS, trying to load / implement JSON file/data

You ask actually several questions. Reprojecting Vector tiles are not designed to be reprojected by the client A Vector Tile represents data ...
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Displaying outline of municipalities where wind turbines are located

I think I found the solution : [out:json][timeout:25]; area["ref:INSEE"="89"]->.a; rel(area.a)["boundary"="administrative"]["admin_level"="6"]; out geom; node(area.a)["power"="generator"]["generator:...
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