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SSL module is missing when installing Python packages in QGIS with the new osgeo4w installer

I was able to solve this, but I did a lot of things, and am not sure what all contributed to the solution. However, I think the following step is all you need to do. Use the osgeo4w setup (advanced ...
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geopandas error "OSError: could not find or load spatialindex_c-64.dll" in PyCharm using OSGeo4W paths

To get geopandas working in a OSGeo Pycharm environment you need to import qgis processing using... from qgis import processing then... import geopandas will bring in the geopandas package EDIT ...
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Trying to use GDAL in Windows Apache WSGI with Python 3.9.5 from OSGeo4W

After many hours of trial and error, before giving up, I made one last attempt that finally solved the problem. I removed the OSGeo4W GDAL installation from C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\Python39\Lib\site-...
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