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Osmfilter - filter every node with at least one tag

Thanks to the author of the tool, now I have something: osmfilter input.o5m --keep="*=" -o=output.osm All nodes, ways and relations with at least one tag but as well nodes without tags that belongs ...
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How to filter OSM data for addr keys with Osmosis

Osmosis has option for tag filter. here is the documentation. Example usage: osmosis \ --read-xml input.osm \ ...
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OpenStreetMap modify tags based on multiple criteria

If it's a one-off and the file is small enough to be loaded in JOSM, one of the more popular OSM editing tools, this might be the easiest option. Use JOSM's search function (Edit > Search, or Ctrl+F) ...
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Missing roads from OpenStreetMap data with osmosis

I would recommend you using the HOT site to download OSM data. You can download data for a specific location or even draw a boundary for an area. and download only the road.
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