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QGIS functions: aggregate and array_foreach not working for vertices

You can work around the array/aggregate issue by using nested array_foreach loops. It looks pretty ugly but it spits out the right results for your test dataset! The trick - which I've never tried ...
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QGIS functions: aggregate and array_foreach not working for vertices

First i tried this code, which works and get the countries BUT it's not ordered. Because the the intersection order is ordered by the polygons and not by the nodes. aggregate( layer:= '...
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Overlap Analysis (Line Data Overlapping Polygons)?

In field calculator you can try to use the follwing expression: length(intersection($geometry, aggregate(layer:='Polygon', aggregate:='collect', expression:=$geometry))) You could in addition use a ...
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How to calculate total area (or number of items in another layer) of multiple overlapping geometries without double counting in Oracle Spatial?

If you have n polygons, overlapping each other (or not), you should 'disolve' (in gis parlance) the polygons into one - in Oracle spatial this is done with the sdo_geom.sdo_union function: You get one ...
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How to properly perform zonal statistics with overlapping geometries

Looking at the source, the vector features are not dissolved or otherwise modified. Stats are extracted from each individual feature regardless of whether they happen to overlap, which seems to be ...
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