By default, the public role (which is assigned to everybody in the DB) allows creating objects in the public schema. You can revoke this. It is indeed a good practice to remove every rights from the public role, and to assign the desired privileges explicitly. REVOKE ALL ON DATABASE myDB FROM PUBLIC; REVOKE ALL ON SCHEMA public FROM PUBLIC; REVOKE ALL ON ...


Checking the GeoTools code base indicates that this was switched 4 years ago. So you are probably running a very old version of GeoServer and this will go away if you update as @geozelot suggests.


This problem is a very common one when using huge graphs with pgrouting and a limited amount of RAM. One solution (which may be automated with Python - but not necessarily) would be to use the rows_where parameter that is available in the function (see documentation at Selecting rows using rows_where parameter). With this parameter you can split up the ...


Try to reinstall PostGIS by the following executable on this page : http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/windows/pg12/ The download will allow you to get the necessary dll files. When PgAdmin4 was released, when you installed PostGIS with StackBuilder, some files were missing. They updated the executable a few days later and the problem was solved.


First, you can identify for each point the nearest line by using the postgis ST_Distance function (geometry_point,geometry_line) and a LIMIT 1 to keep only the nearest line. In a second step, thanks to an attribute join, you will be able to add speed to your lines. If you need help in executing these requests, don't hesitate to ask.

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