My problem is solved by the solution that wfgeo and ThingumaBob gave me. I changed the query as: select * from pgr_dijkstra('select id , source, target, cost FROM q_roads', 10237, 10551, false) in fact the only difference with the previous one is adding false as the last argument. Previously, I did not write anything as last argument and it was true by ...


To use the result of a query within a function call, it must be enclosed in parentheses: --geometry vs "select geometry" --> fail select ST_Contains('point(0 0)',select 'point(0 0)'); ERROR: syntax error at or near "select" LINE 1: select ST_Contains('point(0 0)',select 'point(0 0)'); ^ --geometry vs "(select ...


A Simple Backend Service for Pgrouting written in Node js Express. https://github.com/I1mran/pgRouting-Web-API

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