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Try to use tolerance 0.000001 instead of 0.0001.


Unfortunately, the docs on osm2pgrouting are sparse at best - you will find some use cases and examples in the numerous pgRouting Workshops, with further hints and detailed explanations hidden inside the chapters (e.g. here). As first aid, you can assume that: cost and reverse_cost is given as segment length [degrees] cost_s and reverse_cost_s is given as ...


Take the hints from the function output and compare with the docs carefully; the function signature is defined as [emphasis mine; slightly reduced to lessen confusion]: pgr_nodenetwork(edge_table, tolerance, id, the_geom, table_ending, rows_where, outall) RETURNS TEXT and your progress messages read [...] NOTICE: id: way NOTICE: the_geom: osm_id [...] ...

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