Simple answer: You can not. Unlike Google maps API, these icons are part of the pre-rendered tiles you get from openstreetmap.org, and there is nothing you can do about it. You may however look for other tile sorces based on Openstreetmap data, like Stamen . Or render your own tiles with tools like Maperitive. Then you are free to leave out any data you ...


You can't. Google does not let developers to control the amount of POIs being shown, and does not let developers download POI sets. Furthermore, each GMaps user will see more or less POIs depending on their own search history. (And this is your periodic reminder that using GMaps' tiles goes against Big G's terms of service; and that's why GoogleMutant ...


Eventually, I was able to import the POIs into OSMAnd as GPX format. However, it was necessary to enable the GPX_USE_EXTENSIONS when exporting it in QGIS in order to allow OSMAnd to import the string attributes properly.

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