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WFS in PostGIS OGR FDW results in "ERROR 1: No schema information loaded."

The error messages comes from GDAL/OGR's NAS driver and means that it could not find a (GFS) schema that describes the data. In my case I did not want the data to be loaded using NAS but as standard ...
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Trouble calculating area consistently

This answer might help you Just to be clear it is difficult to get the exact same result when calculating areas with methods from different toolboxes. They might use different constants and/or as you ...
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Match rows from different tables by comparing similar lat lon coordinates

A plain proximity search (e.g. via ST_DWithin) comes with the drawback that it finds all geometries within the given distance threshold - this may work out in cases where the threshold is in ...
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raster2pgsql excessive memory usage

This was solved by running "raster2pgsql | pqsl" in a cmd terminal and not powershell. Refer to the "Notes for Windows Users" ...
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