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PostGIS doesn't use spatial index with ST_Intersects

In my case, the index was not working because dynamically created ST_Buffer in CTE was a type of geography, had to cast it to geometry. Then the index worked. WITH rut AS ( SELECT ST_Buffer(lines.line:...
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Merging PostGIS tables with billions of rows

Is CTE + union all + case statements the best way to join multiple tables? You can simplify that to just two full joins: demo at db<>fiddle select*from pop.children full join using(...
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QGIS server service file pg_service.conf not found when doing a request

In my development environment, I run into the same error. For me it works, if I set the file permissions of the pg_service.conf to public read. root@qgis-container:/etc/qgisserver# ls -lh pg_service....
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ogr2ogr from PostgreSQL-Installer on Windows without PostgreSQL-Driver

The windows installer from Enterprise-DB ( has the ogr2ogr / ogrinfo included but without the postgres-driver. Not since Postgres ...
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ogr2ogr doesn't find PostgreSQL driver (Windows)

I my case on my windows machine with locally installed PostgreSQL-Server it did not help to quote the connection-String-components. To emphasize the above comment from @slambeth (see above: The ...
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QGIS - error connection of database in RiverGIS

Resolví creando una conexión de autenticación al crear o editar la conexión en Qgis.
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PostGIS ST_ClusterDBSCAN returns NULL

DBSCAN is a 'density-first' (my own words) algorithm, meaning that it requires a base density of minpoints (but including itself) within eps distance of each other to declare a cluster of core points -...
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