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Working with expressions inside variables in QGIS

Interesting question, as far as I know these variables can only be static string values. But you can pass these string values to eval() to evaluate as an expression. First store your @maptype variable ...
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Make QGIS report use raster rather than vector images in its PDF export

Print as raster In the print layout composer (and its equivalent for reports) you will find a number of tabs: {Item properties|Layout|Guides|Atlas}. On the Layout tab, scroll down to the Export ...
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QGIS atlas feature: Storing information from coverage layer in an atlas variable

There is no need to store the attributes of the coverage layer in an atlas variable, because a reference to the coverage feature of the current atlas page is stored in the @atlas_feature variable. So ...
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QGIS print layout: Dynamic text with attributes from different layers with different geometry

Use this expression to calculate the mean value of the field value from layer points, but only for points features overlapping the current atlas feature: array_mean (overlay_intersects ('points',"...
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