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Replacing a simple color fill with flags (raster or svg fill) in a legend print layout in QGIS

For an automatic legend to have an entry for each country separately, each of the country polygons must be on a separate layer: legend entries are per layer, not per feature. To do so, use Split ...
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How to add map to empty map frame in print layout of QGIS?

I figured out, that I had to use the button 'Set map extent to match main canvas extent' as well as the refresh under Map Item Properties header. Now the map is shown in the relavent Map item. Make ...
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Make position of layout items adaptive in QGIS Layout to avoid empty spaces due to dynamic layout items

Setting the Legend item "Position and size" with a reference point at the bottom left will fix this point when the legend resize...
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Exporting only one page of QGIS Print Layout

Right click on one of the page you do not want to export Page properties Check the option to exclude the page Repeat on the other pages
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How to add map to empty map frame in print layout of QGIS?

Check your CRS if its correct, Try using LIMA version of QGIS or the latest one,or try to zoom to layer unless otherwise you should try to save your files and create another project and load the data ...
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