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I suggest to use a virtual layer. If the SQL in virtual layers would give the same result than SQL that is fired directly against databases then the following should work select a.field_1,a.field_2,a.field_3 from (select field_1,field_2,field_3,"ORDER" ORDER BY "ORDER") as a; The result seems to work correctly in the print composer with QGIS 3.8.3. I ...


You could do this in a different way by sorting the layer before using the composer. So: Sort your layer with MMQGIS (plugin) by "ORDER" --> ascending. Show this new table in composer and remove the field. Here so screen shots: Here is the data: Sort: Check the differences: Plot the sorted table without that field:


When you export a layout as a PDF, QGIS can either export all the content as a raster (i.e. an image embedded in the PDF, so when you zoom in or save in low quality details and edges look pixelated), or some/all elements - typically text - as vectors (so that you can zoom in as much as needed without seeing quality degradation). It looks as if your PDF ...

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