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Nowadays, exactly since QGIS version 3.16, there is another possibility: use the overlay functions of QGIS expressions, either with Geometry Generator or Geometry by expression. Use this expression: make_line ( $geometry, overlay_nearest ( 'towers', $geometry ) ) Screenshot: red= schools, white=towers; the black lines (arrows) ...


Simply use the generate near table tool and ensure your point layer is both the input features and near features. Untick Find only closest feature and set maximum number of matches to 1.


The >0 distance returned by the query is actually correct. Let's remember that when using the type geometry, distances are computed using a straight line while with the type geography, the great circle line is used. So, your data is in geometry and you compute the closest point using a straight line (between the start and end point of the line). The ...


If you segmentize (or densify) your line then it will work better. SELECT ST_Segmentize(ST_MakeLine(ST_MakePoint (- 86.26725, 34.32582) , ST_MakePoint (- 86.14040, 34.39281)),.01) AS line , ST_MakePoint (- 86.19219 , 34.36546) AS point ) select st_distance(point::geography, line::geography) AS i , st_distance(st_closestpoint(line, point)::...

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