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QGIS How to calculate closest point referenced to centroid?

The expression inside the overlay_nearest function is "an optional expression to evaluate on the features from the target layer". So the centroid function inside the other answers is ...
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QGIS How to calculate closest point referenced to centroid?

You are conducting your overlay check on the polygons, not their centroids. Try changing the expression to make_line(centroid($geometry), closest_point(overlay_nearest('PUNTS_TEST', centroid($...
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Linking all possible polygons to point within a distance

You can buffer the polygons (or the points) and then spatial join. It should be very fast. import geopandas as gpd pointdf = gpd.read_file(r"C:\GIS\data\Bakgrundskartor\Topografi_250\data\...
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How to run gdal_proximity in python rather than command line?

Probably the best docs are the C API docs for GDALComputeProximity CPLErr GDALComputeProximity(GDALRasterBandH hSrcBand, GDALRasterBandH hProximityBand, char **papszOptions, GDALProgressFunc ...
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