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I managed to do it, but I think it's unnecessarily complicated: I used "snap points to points" (saga_cmd shapes_points 18) @Taras suggested, to snap one of my layers to the other one. Then, since I am not aware of SAGA having a spatial join tool, I created small buffers around the points which stayed at their location with saga_cmd shapes_tools ...


Sounds like an interesting piece of work. A simple statistical solution may be to map linear regression residuals of each house, based on distance vs property value change. (There are a million other factors here, like accessibility, linear distance isn't necessarily reflective of proximity etc) So a simple starting activity could be: Introduce a new ...


The problem was because I didn't add Python37/Script to PYTHONPATH environment (C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\Python37\Scripts) for most people. Not too sure why rasterize works while proximity don't.

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