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Custom panel is created but does not display properly in custom plug-in

This short snippet is working for me (QGIS 3.34): from qgis.utils import iface dock_widget = QDockWidget("DockWidgetTest", iface.mainWindow()) label = QLabel('Test') dock_widget.setWidget(...
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QGIS Python Get and layout item's Uuid

Layouts do not have a uuid. The layout manager can return a list of layouts, so you can use the index of that list to target them instead E.g.: manager.printLayouts()[0]. The list should be in the ...
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1 vote

Layers corrupted after saving, closing and opening of QGIS project with PyQGIS

I had missed adding the layer to the project, so it wasn't truly part of the project, it just appeared to be. The answer was to add the layer to the project without rendering it, and then add the ...
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