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From Geodataframe to PostGIS

You shouldnt need dtype={'geom': Geometry(geometry_type='GEOMETRY', srid= 4326)}. Try without it and use .to_postgis: import geopandas as gpd from sqlalchemy import create_engine gdf = gpd.read_file(...
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Create multiband raster in Python from X, Y

You're doing a lot of unnecessary looping. You can create your random values in a single array and you don't need a dataframe. import numpy as np import rasterio as rio from rasterio.transform import ...
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Field Calculator If Statement

Adjust your code with the following code block def ifBlock(Parcel_Year_Built, Decade_Grouping): if (Parcel_Year_Built < '1960' and Parcel_Year_Built > '0'): return "59 and ...
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