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Getting data from QField back into QGIS

Answering here as I also had the same issue and couldn't find a simple solution. If it's a "one off" export to QGIS then it's straightforward to do this without QField Sync on iOS (assume it'...
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Individually coloured markers in QField

You should be able to do that with a simple classification based on a specific field or a ruled based symbology (such as "field_date" is not null or "field_status" is 'seen') ...
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Updating Lon, Lat fields in QField using current phone coordinates, not the existing point coordinate

You can use specific qfield variables for that like @position_coordinate. the following expression will transform the position_coordinate into the current project crs and get the x-value: x(transform(@...
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Bad-Elf With an iPhone: cannot be paired

Looks like you can’t couple QField directly to an iPhone via Bluetooth. So I used an other app (NMEA GPS) to link the 2 together. There maybe other solutions but that one worked for me.
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Problem while saving new objects

I had the same problem. After several tries it was found out why: The project data were saved compressed as zip. QField could read these zipped data, but not overwrite the them. The problem disapeared ...
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QField offline working with PostGIS database in a local network

The issue is that you probably didn't save the credentials with the project as you saved it. Under Authentication, go to the "Basic" tab and enter your username and password, and check off ...
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QField - display of entries for 1:n relationships

Facing the same problem, I came along the following solution: As @BlackTesta stated, you need to configure Display Name in Display properties (
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