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Similar to what @Joseph pointed out in the comments, in the lines where you set a and b did you mean to use "f" instead of "feature"? Try the updates below: for feature in selected_feature: a = feature['parkeer_approx'] b = parking_capacity[]['parking_capacity'] feature["parkeer_approx"] = a - b layer.updateFeature(...


Tested with QGIS 3.6.1 As mentioned in the documentation, you can create a label and insert this code to get the current scale for the map with the item name Map 0: map_get( item_variables('Map 0'), 'map_scale')


According to the QGIS Documentation for 2.18, for a Windows OS it is stored in your registry. So, in your windows start menu, type regedit to open your registry. There, you can find it under: HKEY\CURRENT_USER\Software\QGIS\QGIS2 I run 2.18 as well and I can see it in my registry. Depending on your OS version, it can differ slightly (such as ...


This can be achieved in 3.0.2 by setting the 'unit' dropdown menu in the Symbol Style options panel to "meters at scale".

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