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Distribute a function for QGIS

I distribute my OS Grid reference functions via a plugin and it works very well.
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Calling Turf.js nearest point function equivalent in QGIS using a Python script

You can use the QgsSpatialIndex class which has a nearestNeighbor() method. E.g. to iterate over a point layer, finding the nearest point and distance for each feature, you could do something like: ...
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_core.QgsProcessingException: Unable to execute algorithm Incorrect parameter value for TARGET_LAYER

I solved my own issue passing target_layer as an URI layer doing: # Define the connection parameters using QgsDataSourceUri uri = QgsDataSourceUri() uri.setConnection(host, port, dbname, user, ...
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QGIS Marker orientation/rotation does not transfer on Webmap

I was able to fix this error by using a svg marker with no rotation and adding the marker rotation in the html file. My rotation is saved under a column named Azimuth. The necessary Additions are ...
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