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Access own defined Toolbar with PyQGIS

You have to use the PyQt method : toolbar.setObjectName("new Toolbar") now, the following : iface.mainWindow().findChild(QToolBar,'new Toolbar') will return an object, your toolbar. Or, if ...
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Connect QgsMapLayerComboBox to QgsFieldComboBox and get text inputs

When using QgsFieldComboBox, you don't have to build a field list to populate the combobox. The class has setLayer property to populate fields automatically. Remove load_fields function (you don't ...
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QGIS label formula

For your case is better to use the format function, and you can create an array with all the fields value to replace them when "NULL" or "0" with "N/A". with_variable( ...
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Deleting a field using plugin in QGIS 3

self.dlg.delete_field_btn.clicked.connect(self.delete_field_Cb) this causes your error because when the clicked event send a boolean to the called function What you want is most likely self.dlg....
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Plugins repository is unavailable

For Linux the following helped: install qgis-server python-qgis qgis # Debian-based, as e.g. Ubuntu if [ -f "/etc/debian_version" ]; then sudo apt install qgis-server python-qgis ...

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