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QGIS clip overlapping polygons based on condition

My layer have an integer field with scales. Union, with the chart layer as Input Layer, no overlay layer. Output will have duplicate geometries where polygons overlap. Aggregate to keep only the ...
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Re-ordering bar chart from Data Plotly in QGIS 3.14.16

You can create a virtual layer on your data source and order it in the desired display order.
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How to authenticate to download images from

An inelegant solution is to login to USGS using a POST request first and get the image using BeautifulSoup or another web scraping tool. I would prefer not to do this, and instead authenticate ...
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QgsRasterLayer from post request

A proxy can be implemented. The plugin will start a local server. Qgis will send get request to this local proxy server. The proxy server will send post request to the real server.
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QGIS navigates to some other coordinate locations...Facing problem while dealing with coordinate systems

2661795.2114185407 is the latitude (y coordinate, northing). 354499.71264807903 is the longitude (x coordinate, easting). As of your explanation, you mixed them up
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Call and Run PyQGIS script by plugin

Finally I solved. Looking around I found thia post of Kadir Şahbaz How to call QgisInterface class in a plugin It helps me having and idea: first I changed iface before call and run a script: Then ...
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