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QGIS plugin upload error: There were errors reading plugin package (please check also your plugin's metadata). Cannot find LICENSE in the plugin

Since June 3rd 2024 the plugin archive has to include a license file. The file naming should correspond to exactly LICENSE. Neither nor LICENSE.txt fulfill the requirements for the plugin ...
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Attach functions to QGIS processing algorithms

I found the answer to my question, and also a workaround once the "high road" answer kept crashing QGIS. The correct way (crashes QGIS) The "high road" way is to use the signals ...
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Creating a 'group' or 'menu' in QGIS of multiple plugins

What you've shown in the embedded image is the Processing Toolbox, which is a QDockWidget containing a QTreeView showing the installed processing algorithms in a tree-structured menu. You should not ...
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Copy and Paste in QGIS for plugin

While performing a copy-paste operation in a QGIS environment, the field names and data type must be the same between the layers. You can also perform copy-and-paste operations without using a plugin.
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QGIS processing plugin: How to select the current layer?

If you use the 'Processing Provider' template of the Plugin-Builder, the UI-elements are created based on the addParameter-Method in your instance of QgsProcessingAlgorithm, and are not easily ...
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QGIS Multi-Basin Delineation (Pour-Point) Hydrology

The watershed tool and related functions from Whitebox would potentially be of use. The watershed tool specifically takes a set of points as outlets.
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I can't fill in the gaps in the DEM map

You might find the QGIS tool "Fill nodata" useful here. This tool would allow you to fill in nodata cells by interpolating another cell within a distance you can set. For example if you have ...
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Custom panel is created but does not display properly in custom plug-in

This short snippet is working for me (QGIS 3.34): from qgis.utils import iface dock_widget = QDockWidget("DockWidgetTest", iface.mainWindow()) label = QLabel('Test') dock_widget.setWidget(...
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QGIS plugin: Problems importing resources (resources_rc) file - plugin doesn't load - PATH problems?

To complement Worth Lutz answer, you can replace " <include...>" from <your_base>.ui file editing file class factory: import os def classFactory(iface): file_dir ...
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Storing password in your Keychain failed: OS X Keychain error (OSStatus -25293)

As described here on QGIS github the trick is to go into Keychain Access, search for QGIS, open up that entry, select Access Control and change the setting to "Allow all applications to access ...
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I'm not able to load plugins in QGIS due to an error when calling its classFactory()

In replace self.move((screen.width() - size.width()) / 2, (screen.height() - size.height()) / 2) with self.move(int((screen.width() - size.width()) / 2), int((screen.height() - size....
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Opening .aprx files in QGIS via SLYR

You are likely running the community version of the SLYR plugin. APRX conversion is currently only available with the licensed (proprietary) version. From the "Features available at the ...
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Listen to parameter change to update other processing parameters in QGIS

Not exactly what you need, but at least part of it: you can copy the parameters as JSON to/from the clipboard with the “Advanced” button at the bottom left.
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