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Save virtual layer for use in another project in QGIS

In case the layer are named exactly the same, the can be referenced in the layer query, but should not be added as "embedded layer". Then, the qlr-file can be imported in another project. ...
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Generating DEM that gives realistic contour

To avoid those extra interpolations, you need to set breaklines when creating the TIN model: With that, you can mix the ground survey + river bathymetry. When you use a geodesic GNSS, you can use ...
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QGIS Field Calculator - Aggregating and Calculating Ratios Based on Y-coordinate

The column name should not be in inverted comma. The correct solution would be: aggregate( layer:= @layer, aggregate:='sum', expression:= demo_field, filter:= y(@geometry)=y(geometry(@...
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QGIS no longer accepts external hard drive as a valid data source

I'd say its a hardware issue with the drive. Try copying any file (maybe a Word document) to the drive and read it with a program other than QGIS. If that also fails you can be sure the problem is not ...
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Splitting polygons by centroid - Pizza Slices

You can: Geometry By Expression with the expression: collect_geometries( array_foreach(array:=generate_series(start:=30, stop:=360, step:=60),expression:=intersection($geometry, wedge_buffer( center:=...
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Splitting polygon that is result of difference function between two polygons in QGIS

The difference operation doesn't seem to erase the top part entirely as there are still lines visible on the yellow background. Possibly the input polygon is slightly tilted. If this is the case, you ...
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Combining data from one of the three tables when the condition

You can use the conditional branch tool: Rename the input layer to renamed. Then create three branches with the conditions: aggregate( layer:='renamed', aggregate:='max', expression:="ELEV_MIN&...
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QGIS dynamic filtering parent and child features

The dynamic expression would look like this: (point_name = 'point-X') AND (parent_relation_to_fid = '1' OR parent_relation_to_fid = '2')
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