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Spatial queries with QGIS provider feature filter (layer filter)

You can do spatial queries with it, but not depending on another layer. But you can do filters like ST_Intersects(ST_Transform(geom,4326),ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(33,22),4326)) assuming you are working ...
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Data extraction from imagery in Google Earth Engine using neighborhoodToArray

These 3×3 group of values are ee.Array objects and they need to be converted in lists with 'toList' array method. Afterward, these nine elements lists can be flattened for extracting median/mean with ...
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Filtering by Current date

If you are talking about the Filter (aka Query Builder) part of QGIS - also the same as the 'Provider Feature Filter' under Layer Properties > Source, but more easily accessed by right clicking the ...
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