You can use GRASS r.mapcalc.simple to calculate it. You can find it in the Processing Toolbox (GRASS/Raster (r.*)/r.mapcalc.simple). The formula to get nearest larger 10 is: round((A + 5) / 10) * 10


It looks like you are trying to save a raster layer to a database with a comma in the name of the file. Remove the comma from your file name. See this link for naming conventions in ArcPro. https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/help/analysis/spatial-analyst/performing-analysis/output-raster-formats-and-names.htm


If you download the latest version of QGIS 3.13 (Master/Developer Version) you can use the native Round raster algorithm in the Processing toolbox. This algorithm exposes parameters to round to the nearest 10 of the raster values. The algorithm will become available for the general public with the QGIS 3.14 release.


With the release of QGIS 3.14 you will be able to use the native Create random raster algorithms in the processing toolbox for generating random rasters. There are different random value distributions you can choose from besides the standard uniform random distribution: Binomial random distribution Exponential random distribution Gamma random distribution ...

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