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QGIS Apply Correction to Elevation Datum

Use this expression in the raster calculator: "name_of_your_dtm@1" + 2 But as Erik suggested it you shall have a look at the official tutorial where most of the solutions are already ...
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gdal_calc - How to calculate where raster A is not equal to raster B?

From GDAL version >= 3.3, you can use --hideNoDatata option to ignore the NaNs in the calculation (it takes the NoData value as if it was a real value).
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Calculate multiple bands average raster in QGIS with high number of bands

You can use python to build the expression. This should work for any number of bands: rasterlayer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('infra-red')[0] #Change infra-red to the name of your layer ...
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