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Defining extent to limit labeled area in QGIS

You can set the data defined "Show label" in the "Rendering" category with the expression intersects(layer_property('smaller_layer', 'extent'), $geometry) to do this. Without ...
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Defining extent to limit labeled area in QGIS

You can use Rule-based labeling with this expression as the rule filter within( $geometry, layer_property('raster', 'extent') )
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Generating DEM that gives realistic contour

To avoid those extra interpolations, you need to set breaklines when creating the TIN model: With that, you can mix the ground survey + river bathymetry. When you use a geodesic GNSS, you can use ...
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How can I snap to an existing raster in QGIS?

I wrote some code, which is the best solution I'm aware of at this stage when nice alternatives aren't available (e.g having pixel coordinates that are all divisible by 10cm or something) import numpy ...
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Referencing an output in an expression in process modeler

You have to update to at least QGIS version 3.24 to reference previous algorithm outputs using @layer_name_OUTPUT in the expression builder. In prior versions it does not work because of an unsolved ...
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