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The raster package has a function to do this for you in one line. Use layerize(): library(raster) # make an example raster r <- raster(nrow=100, ncol=100) r[] <- round(runif(ncell(r),1,4),0) # create presence/absence rasters, stored in a RasterBrick. r_dummy <- layerize(r) plot(r_dummy[[1]])


if grey_raster <= 28523 does not make sense to arcpy. 28523 is the value you want to check against each pixel of grey_raster, which is where Con function comes handy. In your case, you should use nested conditions like: arcpy.env.workspace = ndviws ndvirasterlist = arcpy.ListRasters() for rimage in ndvirasterlist: ndvi_raster =


This is how I would do it (it requires the Spatial Analyst extension which I think you have): import arcpy from import * arcpy.CheckOutExtension = "Spatial" ndvi_raster = Raster("ndvivaluefrompixel") grey_raster = Raster("grayscalepixelvalue") output_raster = Con(ndvi_raster >= -0.000005 * grey_raster + 0.314367, 2, 1)"C:/...

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