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The short answer is currently no, get yourself over to GeoNet Ideas and vote on it!


In QGIS you can use the Reclassify by table tool. Go to the Processing menu toolbar and select Toolbox then, go to Raster Analysis > Reclassify by table. Or just search for the tool. At that point it is fairly simple to use, just define your raster and output then click on the ellipse (...) next to the Reclassification table box. This will bring up an ...


I think there are 2 problems: i coming from your rasterList is not being constructed correctly and how you are building your expression to use in CON(). Firstly you create rasterList by searching a workspace and this returns a list of raster names, not the full path to the raster. So your input into your CON() expression should be something like: ...


Solution: I ended up creating a field of the class codes rather than the Ecoregion text as the input (as either a string or integer to test out). I made sure to create syntax according to the new fields (string vs integer). The Reclass function now classifies as either a text or number field (important to use quotes for the string). Here is the python ...

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