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Scaling satellite imagery before using it in GEE

It is correct that because the normalized difference is a ratio, then the scaling "cancels" out (if both bands have the same scaling factor). In general, you should use the scaling factor. ...
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Google Earth Engine ui.Chart.getDataTable() returns empty list

It looks as a bug not fixed yet. However, you can use 'reduceRegion', as follows, for obtaining each column used to print the chart. var dayMet_lst = dayMet.toList(dayMet.size()); var datatable = ...
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Error occurring when converting to dB during the python-based classification

Adjust your code this way: HHdB = numpy.where(HHPow>0, 10 * numpy.log10(HHPow, where=HHPow>0), 0) Option where in log10 is used to prevent such warning or ...
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