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Why does QGIS get the whole connected component regardless of cost when calculating service area?

There are at least two problems: Travel costs for fastest travel type are hours - so a value of 0.5 means 30 minutes. A just superficial look at your screenshot shows that your network layer is in ...
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Difference between PostGIS pgrouting and Lizmap pgrouting

Lizmap Web Application generates dynamically a web map application (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS) with the help of QGIS Server. Lizmap PgRouting Module is a module for Lizmap using pgRouting as a dependency. It ...
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Setting edge drawing direction-sensitive attribute-based impedance (cost) in QGIS network analysis

Here's a rough approach. Let's assume a very basic network, with three points and three lines. Say you're looking for the Shortest Path (Point to Point) from A to B. The time in seconds in the forward ...
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Route design for Travelling Salesperson

Disclosure: I work for Esri and this is not my area of interest. I think you have 2 'major' problems. The first is to identify the territory for each dealer--check for location/allocation. It might be ...
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QNEAT3 routing with custom length

Your approach to calculating "distance" by incorporating elevation differences is a thoughtful way to estimate travel difficulty, especially for pedestrian routes. Here are some steps and ...
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How do I add vertices (in QGIS) on segments where other nodes (from the same layer) snap to it?

In QGIS 3 open the processing toolbox and use either Vector Overlay -> Line Intersections to create a new point layer with the intersections between the two Polyline layers, or Vector Overlay ->...
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Preprocessing OSM for Valhalla Meili

I can't say about Valhalla's details as we use a different approach but you can create a key for road segments with the triplet (node1, node2, way_id) for your analysis. I guess it should be possible ...
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Preprocessing OSM for Valhalla Meili

Valhalla pre-processes the OSM base data to a tag-enhanced noded network topology (i.e. the 'segments' you mention, or edges), and creates a hierachically tiled routing graph with it. You can have ...
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