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There is a new QGIS plugin to calculate road slopes: Road Slope Calculator.


I can think of a general solution involving the use of ST_Startpoint and ST_Endpoint, although it only really works if your paths aren't circular. The idea is checking to see if the startpoint of line 1 is closer to the startpoint of line 2 than it is to the endpoint of line 2. Code, self-joining a table with all the paths: select a.fid, b.fid, case when ...


Even though you have instructed to use an undirected graph, you must still use set a cost and a reverse_cost (which can be the same). SELECT gid as id, source, target, length:: double precision AS cost, length:: double precision AS reverse_cost FROM bristol_roads See the examples from the doc: SELECT * FROM pgr_dijkstra( 'SELECT id, ...

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