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How to create custom tool via Python that selects by attribute, then outputs new feature classes

Please see comments for information # Set the workspace to the geodatabase that contains the feature classes arcpy.env.workspace = r'C:\Temp\SelectNullFeatures\Geodatabase.gdb' arcpy.env....
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Select points by number of unique values by group - ArcGIS Pro

So this is your starting scenario as you describe: A simple model as such will populate the subset field The code in the Calculate Value tool is: import arcpy def ComputeSubSet(layer): # Read ...
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Select and save as shapefile feature in R using sf

Select rows like its a data frame, and use st_write to make a shapefile: st_write(thing[thing$New.Code=="D3",], "justD3.shp") If you are struggling with this, you should probably ...
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