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Symbolising point shapefile in QGIS: half blue half red colored point

To just show another possibility: you can use Geometry Generator and create wedge buffers. The advantage is that A) you have only one symbol layer and B) you can use it to create even more complex ...
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Symbolising point shapefile in QGIS: half blue half red colored point

In QGIS you have to go to: Layer Properties > Symbology > Symbol selector > Simple Marker > scroll down and select the half circle > Rotation: 90° For the second half circle: add ...
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Clearing some lines in QGIS leads to features with no data

Using the vertex tool to delete feature vertices will not delete the feature. It deletes the feature's geometry only. It will no longer appear on the map canvas, however, the feature will still exist ...
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Determining on which side of line points are located using QGIS

In PyQGIS 3 there is a handy method available, namely segmentSide() from the QgsGeometryUtils class. Let's assume there are two layers: a line layer with a single feature, and a point layer with nine ...
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Determining on which side of line points are located using QGIS

You can also use QGIS expressions for this, using this expression to get a 0 or 1 output for each point, depending on which side of the line it is (see below for curved lines). The solution is based ...
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Stitch land cover shapefiles together into a singular dataset while maintaining the individual land cover classes

To be aggregated together, each layer should have the same fields. Add a new field category to each of your individual layer, and populate it (ex, for the white_ash layer, all features will have the ...
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Unable to add 7mb shapefile nor GeoJSONn into QGIS as a layer; Works in ArcGIS Pro though

In a New Project try opening the Mississauga_Official_Plan_(2010)Schedule_10-_Land_Use_Designations.geojson file that has been downloaded. This opened straight away and was categorized by MOP.
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Error accents and special characters

You didn't need to change the Data source encoding to UTF-8 but to the ''right'' encoding (ie. the one your data was originally created with). The right one may be hard to find (as there are so many) ...
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Deleting points close to each other using QGIS (point thinning)

Solution: the idea Buffer/dissolve you points, then select only one (the first) point per buffer, inverse the selection (to select duplicate points), delete the selected points (see below for details)....
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Is there an automatic function in QGIS to package all files in a project for transferability?

QGis3 Plugin: Project Packager This QGIS plugin exports a portable project by copying data scattered on storage into a specified folder. When exporting, you can choose to copy the original files or ...
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