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When are .prj files included with Shapefiles?

Shapefiles contain geographical objects (e.g. points, lines, polygons on the globe). The coordinates of these objects in the shapefile are merely abstract numbers without any inherent meaning. A .prj ...
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GEE filterBounds returns Error: Invalid property type

The issue is that the longitude_latitude property cannot be encoded into a shapefile, because it is an object ({"type": Point, "coordinates":[lon,lat]}). The solution is to set it ...
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QGIS, creating a mbtiles file from a custom shape

I ran into the same issue and at least found a workaround to reduce the file size: I simply covered the area NOT of interest with a plain coloured polygon (e.g. white). In my case the final result for ...
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Creating map of visited airports in QGIS

To add to the excellent answer of @Spacedman (create a visited column as boolean (true/false) in your dataset): If you wanted you could also create an integer (whole number) field named "times ...
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Creating map of visited airports in QGIS

If I understand correctly: you have a CSV of all airports, including the lat-long coordinate. You can load this into QGIS as a "delimited text layer" and map it. Maybe then best to "...
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How do I dodge overlapping line/polygon layers so that each is visible in QGIS?

I think that with the style property window you can start by prioritizing the display of the layers (capt 1), then shift the layers relative to each other if necessary (capt 2)
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How to change field length in QGIS

Search for the 'refactor fields' from the processing tools. you can edit field length from there
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Merge four vector layers into one shapefile and keep the symbology

You can copy-paste the symbols. Merge the layers to a single one, make sure there is a field to discriminate the records so they can be properly styled. Create a rule based symbology for the new layer....
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How to convert 0 values to NoData values with rasterio

I suspect that you can just set nodata when you re-write the image, then rasterio will just treat any 0 as a masked pixel. If you want to modify 0 to be your preferred nodata value, then it would be ...
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How to convert 0 values to NoData values with rasterio

I assume you are using the code recomended in the documentation of rasterio for this: masking a raster using a shapefile In this part of the code I just added the parameter nodata and set it to np.nan....
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Create a map of time since fire in QGIS

I have polygon layer with a column named year depicting the year of the fire. Workflow: Union the layer with itself as Input Layer, no Overlay layer: This will create duplicate geometries where ...
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