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Clustering spatial data in R?

Here is a solution based on Find clusters of points based distance rule, but using the distm function from the geosphere package: library(sp) library(rgdal) library(geosphere) # example data from ...
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Seeking tool for creating Vector MBTiles

POSTGIS now supports outputting vector tiles as endpoint to a Query. I honestly don't recommend this approach because currently that's just geometry and no ...
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Seeking alternative to Google Maps Elevation API

I've been working on as a free, open alternative to the Google Maps Elevation API. Request URLs look like this:,-3....
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Choosing OpenLayers or Leaflet?

There is a great comparison on the two frameworks in this presentation: And another article also has a great summary: Customers often ask us, “Which is the best client-side JavaScript mapping ...
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Seeking GIS that can calculate fractal dimensions?

QGIS could too via a plugin it seems : Minkowski fractal dimension calculation for vector layer features SAGA GIS seems a good candidate : Library Fractals - Bifurcation - Fractal Dimension of ...
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Seeking tool to manipulate timestamps in GPX file

Here's one that is browser-based and does exactly what you asked for: GOTOES: Add Time Stamps to GPX Files
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Seeking tool to generate Mesh from DTM?

We have just created an open source project that will help you do exactly what you want. Tin-Terrain is a simple command line tool that will generate a mesh from DEM files either as TIN or TRN. The ...
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Reading/writing local datastore for QGIS?

How about a local PostGIS instance? PostgeSQL can be downloaded from to which a PostGIS extension can be created to make it a spatial database. Also recommended ...
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Is there image editing software that will not alter a GeoTIFF's embedded georeferencing?

Try using Paint.NET. As of my last testing (GIMP, Affinity, Photoshop), this is the only "traditional" image editing software to properly preserve GeoTIFF metadata. Be aware that at current, not ...
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Getting elevation at particular coordinate (lat/lon) programmatically (but offline)?

You can use the rasterio library: import rasterio coords = ((147.363,-36.419), (147.361,-36.430)) elevation = 'srtm_66_20.tif' with as src: vals = src.sample(coords) ...
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Getis-Ord Gi* (arcgis 'hotspot analysis') with python?

Check out PySAL: The Python Spatial Analysis Library
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Pix4D vs. Agisoft Photoscan

You would have more control over what you are doing in Agisoft Photoscan, meaning that you would be able integrate various python scripts to increase efficiency and automation of processing in Agisoft ...
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Seeking open source GIS web server

If you use QGIS, you have at least two options to publish your maps without dealing with a server: install qgis2web-Plugin and generate web-maps with openlayers or leaflet: - you can upload the ...
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Seeking ST_Subdivide implementation in Python?

You can use a dark art of Python called ctypes to interface with liblwgeom used by Spatialite and other non-PostgreSQL software. On my Windows computer, I have lwgeom.dll from OSGeo4W, but you can ...
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Which tools can reproject ASCII grids?

My go-to tool for raster reprojection is gdalwarp, since gdal supports a myriad of formats including ASCII grid format. For the task at hand (warping a *.asc dataset from EPSG:32629 to other CRS) I ...
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Permanently reordering fields in data (shp, gdb) without using FME or another ETL tool

In QGIS you can now use the processing toolbox (Ctl+Alt+T) and go to QGIS geoalgorithms > Vector table tools > Refactor fields. From there you'll have all the tools to edit your table structure.
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Seeking alternative to Google Maps Elevation API

There is the Open-Elevation API ( that looks promising see for API examples Live API sample: https://api....
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Evaluating training samples for supervised image classification in ArcGIS Pro?

ArcGIS Pro is still in the process of increasing it's toolset, that's an optimistic outlook, others have had similar questions in other forums, Where is the classification histogram? and ArcGIS Pro - ...
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Seeking open source ArcGIS REST API compatible server?

The answer is 'yes' and 'no'. Let me explain. As Bill mentioned, there are plenty of implementations of various OGC standards WFS, WMS, TMS, etc. (see Geoserver, Mapserver, Tilestache, etc). However,...
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Seeking (Open Source) Mobile GIS app for survey?

Have a look at the Mergin Maps Input app from Lutra Consulting: It synchronises well with your QGIS project and has a cloud service for synchronisation. Here's a tutorial: ...
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Reading bathymetry for coordinate with Python?

I think you could achieve what you want with the rasterstat Python library. Here the documentation with a basic example.
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Digitising animal positions in aerial photos

Rather than using a full GIS tool to do this, you probably really only need to focus on annotating within-image coordinates per species, then doing geoprocessing on the resulting coordinates relative ...
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Choosing OpenLayers or Leaflet?

It depends on what you are trying to do. Leaflet is simpler and faster for 80% of web map projects. The same way you don't need a spaceship to go around your neighborhood, most of the time I found ...
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What raster smoothing/generalization tools are available?

In QGIS, I got good results easily by using Orfeo Toolbox Image filtering. It's reasonable fast and batch mode works fine. Gaussian, mean, or anisotropic diffusions are available. Note that Radius ...
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Creating artificial coordinate system to plot garden experiment?

It is feasible, don't worry about coordinate systems though. It can be in no coordinate system or it can be in any coordinate system. You could use your local coordinate system and plop the grid on ...
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Image segmentation in open-source software

For Python, there are very few option for free source RS based image segmentation. I'll suggest two, Orfeo Toolbox: Probably the best free alternative of eCognition. It has quite a few segmentation ...
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Seeking Conflation tool for QGIS?

There is now a plugin call Vector Bender: This will give you a solution for rubbersheeting. For the edgematching, the topology checker plugin should ...
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Converting LiDAR point cloud to 3D mesh

Be aware that .las and .obj are not the same type of data, in which the first is composed by points, and the second is a type of surface. So, even processing the point cloud to output a surface it ...
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Free Open Source Geocoders using Local Address Data

You should definitely look closer at the Mapzen Pelias geocoder. We have been having this same issue for several years, and recently discovered that one of the back-end sources for Pelias is ...
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Efficiently convert from Shapefile to GeoJSON without GDAL

Pyshp reads and writes shapefiles, no other formats, in Python: pip install pyshp. You can use its Python geo protocol to get GeoJSON-like representations of features and then use Python's json ...
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