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As you do, I really like the JOSM digitizing tool. The "W" function but also the way to modify attribute or copy and paste some of them, the support for geolocated audio note... In QGIS I found nothing to do this. The solution I founded is to do my digitizing work in JOSM. Here are two solutions : If your digitizing work could benefit to ...


You won't get opinions here, I think. Look for a map system that can read the S57 file format. Many systems rely on the GDAL libraries, which can read S57. Not sure about S63, however QGIS uses GDAL libraries and can load S-57 files directly. It creates the lines, points and polygons. You will need to set up the styling for each type, however. This is some ...


Here's my best guess using shapely. I haven't looked into the spec, just going off of your example: import json import shapely.wkt wkt = 'Polygon ((-95.92442111883893574 30.18765532529553752, -95.80900212955509687 30.02964123282361086, -95.79388773810126168 30.11620547478649002, -95.88045198006413727 30.25360903345773167, -95.92442111883893574 30....


GeoTools is the obvious (to me) choice here. This answer should get you going with the vector - adding a raster is covered in the image tutorial. Adding a title and north arrow are just standard Java graphics rendering operations. There is a lot of code to draw "map decorations" in the GeoServer code base see

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