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Inverted NDVI output using ArcGIS Pro

The rasters that I am working with were composite tiles made out of Sentinel 2 images. The composite bands did not correlate exactly with the Sentinel 2 bands so I was applying the wrong bands to the ...
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Understanding the output of Kernel Density Analysis

In the symbology tab you should be able to set a range of values for each class/color. Perhaps you can lower the amount of classes and relabel them with the range of observations for each class. This ...
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Results of focal statistics in ArcGIS Pro

That looks as expected to me. The algorithm finds the maximum value in a circle neighbourhood around each cell. For any given cell in a circular looking pattern in the output (e.g. in the lower left ...
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How to sum assigned scores of multiple rasters into an output raster in Raster Calculator

You are on the right track in terms of summing the scores using the Raster Calculator. The fact that the raster calculator is performing an intersection rather than properly carrying out the simple ...
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