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Yes, you can just loop through the individual features and save them like so: library (sf) dat <- read_sf ("~/data.shp") for (i in seq_len (nrow (dat))) { fname <- paste0 ("~/split_", i, ".shp") write_sf (dat [i, ], fname) }


You can use Split Lines by Maximum Length in the Processing Toolbox. An alternative would be to use the QChainage plugin - this will give you a set of points at specified distances along the line. You can then use the points to split the lines with the Saga Split lines with points tool... but that's really a two step equivalent of the above! With both ...


Use the Field Calculator to add a new field, "NumPlants" with this expression: case when $area <= 0.004 then 1 when $area > 0.004 and $area <= 0.008 then 2 when $area > 0.008 and $area <= 0.012 then 3 when $area > 0.012 then 4 end Notes: The $area function will calculate each polygon's area in the layer's units of measure. If ...

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