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Ensure you're not running a sandboxed version (snap or flatpak), install it from your distribution repositories instead. Sandboxed apps can't see the real /usr/lib directory (e.g. when accessing /usr/lib, snap apps are actually accessing /snap/{app name}/current/usr/lib). In sqlitebrowser Preferences - Extensions tick the last checkbox "Allow loading ...


An alternation using processing tools and expressions (I know it's OT, but it might be useful) Aggregate algorithm, set as below: your layer field to group expression to use expression used: concatenate_unique( group_by:="area", concatenator:=',', expression:="species", order_by:="species") output:


I have always thought that you cannot use ORDER BY in subqueries. This query solves my issue: SELECT area, group_concat(DISTINCT species) FROM ( SELECT area, species FROM mytable ORDER BY species ASC ) GROUP BY area

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