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Rendering polygon by two variables in QGIS

We can achieve this by combining Categorized symbols based on 'Variable 1' with color lightness based on 'Variable 2'. Categorize symbols based on 'Variable 1' as follows: Then select each colour ...
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QGIS CircularChart expression symbology

Never heard of such a function. It must have been a custom function, user programmed with Python. Also QGIS Docu for version 2.18 does not know any function named CircularChart(). For many different ...
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Change labeling font color for different unique values in the same label class using ArcGIS Pro

With the layer selected in the Drawing Order tab, select the Labeling menu. THere is a Class dropdown menu item called, "Create label classes from symbology..." A dialog box will pop up with ...
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Auto-applying symbology changes in ArcGIS Pro without clicking Apply every time

If you do not see the auto apply in version 3.0 then it was new functionality introduced at 3.1 or higher. It is highly unlikely that ESRI will retrospectively add functionality that is in newer ...
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ArcMap does not sort numbers of <1 correctly in unique values symbology

For completeness sake, here's my comment as an answer: Clicking the Value or Label header, or right clicking anywhere in the list, will open a context menu with sorting options. Reset sorting will ...
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