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This Pencil style depends from remote vector tiles from Mapbox not from PostGIS e.g so reusing them is not possible except if you create local vector tiles with the same data structure as Mapbox in your styles. Unfortunately for you, if you do so, you will infringe Mapbox licence (...


GeoWebCache has no idea that you've updated the index file or the mosaic, so you first need to delete the tiles that fall within the bounding box of the new imagery and then ask it to generate missing tiles.


If I'm understanding your question correctly, the trouble is that you have images that are from the same day (seconds apart) that your code is looking at separately, but you want to look at them together as if they were one image. If that's the case, you can use a function like this: function makeMosaics(image) { var thisImage = ee.Image(image); var date ...


This could give you some ideas, I use QGIS and networkx python module to check if raster extents intersects: import networkx as nx layerlist = [layer for layer in QgsProject.instance().mapLayers().values()] rasterlist = [] for l in layerlist: for l2 in layerlist: if! and l.extent().intersects(l2.extent()): if l....

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