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Generating Map Tiles with QGIS

For QGIS 3.8 or greater, generating tiles is built in - you can find it in the Processing tool box as Generate XYZ tiles (Directory) and Generate XYZ tiles (MBTiles).
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Splitting .tif image into several tiles?

I propose two solutions: the first one using QGIS, the second one using Python (GDAL). Solution using QGIS In QGIS you may create a VRT mosaic. Please follow this procedure (see the image below): ...
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GeoJSON too bulky is a handy free online tool that allows you to upload a geojson file, display it as a map, then choose one of three simplification alogrithims which you can adjust the strength of with a ...
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What are the Differences Between TMS, XYZ & WMTS?

WMS is a protocol defined by the OGC for requesting rendered map images for arbitrary areas. Clients can make requests to it in a tiled pattern if they wish. WMS-C is an extension for WMS created by ...
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Using Google Maps static tiles with Leaflet?

I know this is too late to answer this question. But I want to share my knowledge in this question. For the static purpose you can freely add the google map tiles inside your leaflet. For the static ...
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Free tile provider for Leaflet

You can simply use Leaflet Provider extension to pickup the tile works the best for your project.
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Remove border lines of SRTM tiles rendered as hillshade

SRTM tiles (3601 px * 3601 px in this case) have 1-pixel overlaps in between. When you apply transparency (or reduced opacity) to your hillshade layer, such overlapping pixels stand out. You may have ...
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Do Tile Servers typically store every tile for every zoom level?

No, they don't store every tile. There are several reasons for this: Size: Storing all tiles for all zoom levels would require more than 50 TB storage (source: Tile Disk Usage) Gain: Typically, only ...
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Export ArcGIS tiles data to any image format

I added aerial imagery from GIS server and created fishnet over the area of interest: I use fishnet as index layer for my data driven pages, making sure the sorting order coincides with record order ...
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What are the Differences Between TMS, XYZ & WMTS?

WMTS: TMS: XYZ: The three links above explain each ...
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Free tile provider for Leaflet

As pointed out by user30184, if you are using OpenCycleMap in an environment where the number of tiles you are requesting might be an issue, please check out the terms and conditions of the provider. ...
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Data is not appearing in a local OSM server after applying changes to it

After weeks of research and headache, I finally figured out the correct architecture of the local OSM server. My problem was that the employee who created the local OSM server hasn't actually finished ...
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Is there a python equivalent of gdaltindex?

I dont't know, but it's easy to do with osgeo.gdal, GeoPandas and shapely box (, miny, maxx, maxy, ccw=True) = bounding box)¶ Original raster files import os StartDir = "/...
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Loading tile zoom level 20

The ol.source.OSM() class has a default maxZoom option of 19. If you would like to use zoom level 20, you would have to indicate this explicitly in your OSM layer definition. In your case you would ...
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Ipyleaflet map object doesn't display in Jupyter Notebook but it gets created

I just tried to install ipyleaflet with Jupyter 5.2.3: conda install -c conda-forge ipyleaflet and also didn't get a map. I then tried registering the extension with: jupyter nbextension enable --...
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Seeking Leaflet-compatible tile layers for Palestine?

You're asking two questions here: administrative borders related to territorial disputes, and map label localization. Since you mention OpenStreetMap, I feel obliged to answer: The OpenStreetMap ...
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Tile WMS vs Image WMS

If used with a WMS source, they're the equivalent of OpenLayers 2's singleTile parameter. As @Tim Schaub described in this letter, the TileWMS slices the map, requests a grid of images, then mosaics ...
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How to transform EPSG:3857 to tile pixel coordinates at zoom factor 0?

This is the answer. Sometimes you have to go through all the process of asking a question to understand the solution. JavaScript: /** * Converts spherical web mercator to tile pixel X/Y at zoom ...
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Custom Styling OpenStreetMap without needing to host it yourself

It is, but it requires a renderer running on your own computer. Maperitive is one option which runs on Windows, or Linux/Mac systems running Mono. Alternatively, projects such as Mapbox GL and ...
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Where to get world-map images for use in webglearth

You may check for links to satellite imagery, or for raster images. These images can be tweaked in ...
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Need clarification on GeoServer Meta-tile

You are right that metatiles alone do not prevent cutting the symbols. In the picture below with 3x3 metatiles the inner star symbol will not be cut but the outer will because it is on the border of ...
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Is it possible to serve vector tiles directly from S3?

It is possible. I recommend you to use Route 53, S3, CloudFront. Host your domain name on AWS via AWS Route 53 DNS ( to create a public zone. Create a SSL Cert for your domain name via ...
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ST_AsMVT single layer with multiple Id's

You can use UNION to combine the queries. Your server can then concat the binaries before sending them out. I found out that doing this in SQL took to long and increased the compute time to much. You ...
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Getting the same result from "Generate XYZ Tiles" and "Gdal2Tiles" in QGIS

By default, "Generate XYZ Tiles (Directory)" uses XYZ tile scheme whereas "gdal2Tiles" uses TMS tile scheme. The difference is XYZ convention starts tile numbering with coordinates ...
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Implementing OpenLayers3 basemap from tiles created using gdal2tiles

The main point is that by default OpenLayers 3 follows the widely-used Google grid where x 0 and y 0 are in the top left. Grids like TMS where x 0 and y 0 are in the bottom left can be used by using ...
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Generating Map Tiles with QGIS

Small update for 2017: I am generating the tiles with QMetaTiles plugin:
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WFS to Vector Tiles

I haven't tried @walkermatt's approach with TileStache, but Chubbs SpatialServer (aka PGRestAPI) was very easy to deploy. WFS to PostGIS Assuming you have PostGIS installed and a GIS-enabled ...
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Using Leaflet and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

I think the issue you had was because Lantmäteriet is using SWEREF 99/EPSG:3006 projection and Leaflet is using EPSG:3857. My solution was to use proj4leaflet to transform between those projections, ...
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Finding the Map-Tiles(z,x,y,tile_data) in a given Bounding box and zoom level

First You can check this page as a guide to you Tile Calculator BETA But you need to know that you will create a server side page that will handle the requested Bounding box (BBOX) and the required ...
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How to tranform MODIS tiles into lat/long?

Projection of this kind of files is sinusoidal. For this one: the next code can access to ...
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