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You're asking two questions here: administrative borders related to territorial disputes, and map label localization. Since you mention OpenStreetMap, I feel obliged to answer: The OpenStreetMap Foundation changed the policy regarding territorial disputes in 2013. You can find the full document here, but let me quote the relevant paragraph: Borders and ...


You are looking for an image pyramid layer, there is a full tutorial in the manual as well.


Sentinel 1 products do not use a a tile grid. However, to identify products over your polygon you can use one of several Sentinel 1 search/download resouces. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. ESA offer the SciHub which allows searching by drawing a polygon area of interest (AOI). You have to create an account (free) before you can search and ...


GDAL can create vector tiles with the MVT driver For converting GeoJSON data into vector tiles which are saved into MBTiles database file use a command like ogr2ogr -f MVT -dsco FORMAT=MBTILES -dsco MAXZOOM=10 target.mbtiles source.geojson Another option is to use Tippecanoe the

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