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@IvanSanchez is right (tested), CRS transform should be transformation: new L.Transformation(1 / 64, 0, 1 / 64, 0) because you have 6 zoom levels and 2^6 = 64.


If you plot the geometry of the original image, you would have seen that it simply doesn't cover all your geometries. Return from your function: return ee.Image([betMEAN, ltNEG, gtPOS]) .selfMask() // Mask 0's .multiply(ee.Image([1, 2, 3])) // Assign values to the classes .reduce(ee.Reducer.firstNonNull()) // Pick first class .addBands(...


Disclaimer I have no idea how an ESRI Elevation Service works. So, I'm assuming that you want to have actual elevation values available in the client. It sounds as if you need a WCS not a tile cache - a WMS will always serve a picture of your data, though I guess you could use Jiffle to calculate a LERC value but a WMS will still scale it to be an image. ...

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