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Note where the error is coming from and step through your code. Its not even getting to the Savitsky-Golay line. > v = as.vector(r) > z = na.spline(v) > s1.ts2 = ts(z, start=1, end=nlayers(z), frequency=12) Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable) : unable to find an inherited method for function ‘nlayers’ for signature ‘"numeric"’ The error ...


Sort by time and drop duplicate mmsis keeping last: newdf = df.sort_values('time').drop_duplicates('mmsi', keep='last')


If I use the above code, I will copy and paste the water area with 4(4class)*15(15years)*80(Hybas iDs) times. This is a very large workload. Is there any way to reduce the workload?


You can turn point data into raster data via Point to Raster (or Feature to Raster in the same toolbox), and then apply the raster-based methods you mention.

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