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Differences between triangulation and trilateration

Triangulation is process of measuring bearings and calculating distances (using the Sine Rule). Trilateration is the process of measuring distances and calculating bearings (using the Cosine Rule).
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Trilateration algorithm for n amount of points in R?

As I didn't find the existing answers to this problem on StackExchange to be satisfying, I will add my own solution here. This uses geosphere package to calculate distance between two polar (latitude, ...
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Trilateration using known points, but relative distances

The additional information that you want the minimum such d3 actually allows us to determine d3 itself if we assume that at least two of these three circles intersect. Consider the circles to have ...
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Minimum number of satellites per constellation in Multi-constellation Navigation

With a few assumption about your position (i.e. on the surface of the Earth), you can locate yourself with three timing codes from the same constellation. However, a fourth satellite's timing code (...
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Does height difference between beacons results in a more accurate 3D position localisation?

It makes a difference because real measurements contain error. If you have four corners of a square, you can minimise error in relation to the plane that the square is in. However this will give you ...
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