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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

You can play with it using my #30DayMapChallenge hexagon demo Except the fact I do no use an UI, I ...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

I adapted @ThomasG77's 30 day challenge script into something that can be run from the Qgis processing toolbox. Using Uber's H3 hex grid system in Qgis
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Get all h3 indexes within a polygon in PostGIS

What is the area of your polygons, say SELECT SUM(ST_Area(poly.way)) FROM planet_osm_polygon WHERE admin_level = '4' I would suspect the H3 resolution could be too high. H3 Level 8 has average area ...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

Use the Create Grid tool in QGIS, and select hexagons. For a more thorough, but still brief walk-through, see Jonathan Soma's blog. (This is for creating a hex grid, it will not be specific to Uber'...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

There's the official Python bindings for H3, a hierarchical hexagonal geospatial indexing system but I haven't tried it myself.
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Determine when an object nears a point

==Distance between current location and Destination also comes in mind. It will be an easy and quiet precise implementation ,with the likes of Voronoid diagram(considering the algorithm behind ...
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