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You can use Geocodio to programmatically turn addresses into state legislative districts. You can do batches or single addresses conversions. You can see all of the data returned and download an example spreadsheet with state legislative districts added here: Or try a single address, no email/signup ...


I will post and expand upon the answer provided by JonasV in his comment to the original post. If JonasV wants to post an answer, I would be happy to mark that as the answer. Based on his answer, here are two web sites with the data I was looking for: TONY - - has 56 states and territories – ...


If you're looking for data, please try Two expressions in QGIS will give you exactly what you want: ( y_min( $geometry ) + y_max( $geometry ) ) / 2 ( x_max( $geometry ) + x_min( $geometry ) ) / 2


If you're just looking for extreme values of x/y coordinates, you could use QGIS with this expression (e.g. in the field calculator): x_max( $geometry) - replace x with y and max with min for the according values. Download a vector file for US states, e.g. from OpenStreetMap. There are different ways to do than, one is using Overpass Turbo. Create a ...

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