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Creating maps in QGIS from Drone Videos

Creating maps in QGIS from drone videos involves several steps, including extracting still images from the video, processing these images into a georeferenced orthomosaic, and then importing this ...
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Batch increase drone imagery altitude by editing EXIF GPS information

For someone who may need to perform this function in the future. The easiest way using exiftool: exiftool -EXIF:GPSAltitude+=-15 FileOrDir reference:
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Creating maps in QGIS from Drone Videos

You can (as described in the other answers), but it's rarely optimal. A video stream has simultaneously too much information (too many frames with a little bit of overlap of what you do see) as well ...
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Creating maps in QGIS from Drone Videos

Adding to what Muhammad Tahir wrote here are the steps to extract GNSS data from a DJI drone video. As he states, the resulting images do not include GNSS positions, azimuths, pitch, roll, and yaw ...
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